Friday, 26 December 2014

"Suggested Products" will make next door of Opportunity

Today i would like to share with you, how you will get "Next Door Of Opportunity" with "Suggested Product" features in Quotation.

This feature is default available in Odoo V8, you need to install website_quote module first.

Lets create one Quotation Templates with "Suggested Product",
Navigate to : Sales>Configuration>Quotation Templates

We use this template into Sales Quotation,

Send it to customer via "Send By Email", so customer will open that quotation via portal,

"TidyWay" already suggested to customer that they will give "Advance CRM Training" with 10% Discount.

Customer impress!!, They are ready to purchase :).
Customer will click "Add To Card" button to add this product into the quotation and write some notes.
Next Door Of Opportunity

It will auto update whole quotation with "Suggested Products"
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Hope this help you To Build Your Business With TidyWay.
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