Monday, 29 December 2014

Single Purchase Quotation From Multiple Procurement's in Odoo

Today i would like to share with you how to "Create Single Purchase Quotation From Multiple Procurement's" with same supplier in Odoo V8.

  • No Need to merge purchase quotation with same supplier.
  • Accuracy about real time needs.
  • Auto sum same product Qty
Lets start with product configuration,
  • Product One(Stockable , Buy+MTO, Supplier: Rohan Nayani)
  • Product Two(Stockable , Buy+MTO, Supplier: Rohan Nayani)

Navigate to sales quotation then create two different quotations,

Confirm these sales quotation's one by one, odoo will create procurement's automatically,
  • Product One : 2 Qty (From SO009)
  • Product Two: 3 Qty (From SO009)
  • Product Two: 8 Qty (From SO010)

Run Scheduler

Go to Purchase > Request For Quotation
You will see only "One quotation instead of Three"(Like openerp7).

Tidy Step To Excellence

Technically say "make_po() improvement in Odoo V8"
Odoo Guys rock!!!

Hope this help you To Build Your Business With TidyWay.
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