Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Merge duplicate partners in Odoo v8

Today i would like to share with you, how to merge "customers/suppliers/contacts/partners" into Odoo V8.
We can say "Biggest Conflict Resolve".(Sometimes beginners have made the mistakes of generating invoice,orders... with duplicate contact).

Odoo v8 providing you to "Deduplicate Contacts" feature default in CRM module.You need to install "CRM" module first.

Lets go into detail,
I have  created two customer invoice already,
  1. Rohan Nayani (Amount : 25200)
  2. TidyWay Software Solution(Amount : 44000)

After some time, we will decide to use only one contact(Rohan Nayani) instead of two.So how can i convert all data(like invoice,orders..) with "Rohan Nayani"?.
  • Both contact have same E-Mail.

Merge Process
Go to Sales > Tools > Deduplicate Contacts.
There are different comparison to merge partners(You can customize your own).
-Same Email,
-Same VaT,
-Same Parent Company,

Click to "Merge with manual  Check", so it will saw you all contact with same email Addresses.

Click to "Merge Selection" Button,it will replace all data into single contact like sale orders, purchase orders, invoices...etc.

Goto Customer invoice and check it,
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Hope this help you To Build Your Business With TidyWay.
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