Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tremendous role of Automated Action / Server Action in odoo

Today i would like to share with you, how to "Auto Validate Contract Invoice/Auto Email Sending" process with the help of "Automated Action/Server Actions".

Sure,this will help lot's of SAAS users.
  • No need any developers
  • Easy to use in SAAS
  • Filter options, Time base conditions and lots of other options
  • Create/Write/Copy records in custom objects
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  1. Thank's !
    This helped me to create automated actions easily. I was "stuck" with my project for a couple of weeks, until I found this video. I am a beginner with Odoo, thus one question:
    - When I create an automatic action to send invoices by email, the mails work OK, but
    - I want to show at the list view the "Send" data, to indicate if the invoice has been send or not
    - It seems to me, that it ("send=true") is not updated, when Email is send automatically
    - If I send the invoice manually ( one by one), this send data is updated ( = true )

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the video !
    Kari U Kokkonen

    1. Thank you so much kari! you can use object.write({'send': True})

  2. Thanks again !
    - It works now perfectly

  3. Hi Sir! I'm new to Automated Action.

    I created a warehouse for a certain customer(Sample Customer) - which has a Salesperson/User (Sample User). Then I transfer a product from my warehouse to Sample Customer's warehouse. Now, what I want to achieve is to send notification/email to customer that the item is due to be returned (after 2 weeks of scheduled date).

    System should be able to notify employee (if he is the borrower), or customer (through the salesman) that an item is due to be returned, Items borrowed are due to be returned after 2 weeks

    How can I do this using Automated Action/server Actions?